A-Trak Ft. Jamie Lidell – “We All Fall Down” [Audio]


New A-Trak music on deck.

Speaking of A-Trak… I went to the Fool’s Gold Day Off in Wynwood on Sunday. Somewhat marred by rain the show was pretty dope. After Laid Back Luke hit the stage the Fool’s Gold founder came out to address the crowd thanking them for sticking it out through the weather and than gave a big introduction to the great Mannie Fresh.

Granted the crowd of 18 and 19 year old faces didn’t look like they had a clue who the fuck Mannie Fresh was, Mannie still came out and crushed with his Trap influenced set. Touted as having “special guests” the one and only 2 Chainz came out. Needless to say the crowd went nuts.

And then unannounced, Juvenile came out…needless to say, I went nuts. You could tell none of these kids knew who the fuck he was. I even caught myself squinting my eyes and softly saying to myself, “Is that Juve?”. Then I turn to the guy next to me…I ask him, “Is that Juvenile?”  The dude snaps out of his daze and he is like, “That IS Juve?”

It wasn’t until “Back Tha Azz Up” dropped that the crowd finally went nuts for Juvenile. And homeboy killed it.

Headliners Flosstradamus, of course, murdered it. All in all it was a really good show.

(Video and pics coming soon….or not)

Anyway peep the new House influenced track from A-Trak featuring Jamie Lidell below and hit up the comments section to let me know what you think.


Dismal Land

Dismal Land

If you come to this blog on the reg then you already know how big a fan of djdohboy.com is of Banksy. Doing multiple blog posts on the man, being lucky enough to see pop up exhibits in New York, and even seeing a Banksy sculpture during Basel….

Total fanboy.

So of course I’m all about the new exhibit known as Dismal Land.

No chance of me getting over to the UK to see this amazing site but I’ve been seeing shit all over the interrrnet.

Peep The Guardian’s interview with the man himself.

Check the Banksy x Run The Jewels (who will be performing live at the park) interview here.

and local news coverage from inside.

This is like nothing I’ve ever seen.


So Who’s Going To III Points?


By now you should of heard.. but I feel like not enough people are talking about it.

October 9th, 10th, and 11th, coming staright outta Wynwood is the III Points Festival.

The main reason I’m even amped for this fest is because of the ultra-rare Ghostface/MF Doom (aka Doomface) performance thats billed as being “live from the other side of time”. From what I understand there will be a screen involved that will probably be simulcasting the ever illusive Doom along side the real life Tony Starks. Will Doom be there in person? Who knows. Will it be the real Doom or an imposter? Who gives a shit. This shit should be dope.

Add in acts like Run The Jewels,Toro y Moi, Panda Bear, and King Krule among others.. I’m gonna co-sign this event.

No word on set times or art installations but stay tuned for more info. Peep the site.

Ghostface Killah Feat. Vince Staples – ‘Get The Money’ (Prod. by Adrian Younge)


Ghostface Killah, aka Tony Starks, aka The Wallabe Champ, aka Starky Love, aka Paisley Fontane…. need I say more?

Pretty Tony drops a new single from the album sequel to the instant classic Twelve Reasons To Die. With Adrian Younge on the boards and featuring new rap freshman Vince Staples on the track, this shit is dope and leaves no doubt TRTD II will be a classic follow up to its predocessor .

Wu-Tang for life.